Paul’s Black and White 383 55 Chevy Trunk Is Looking Real Good

Paul spent a lot of time thinking about what his trunk should look like. He fashioned to the color of his 55 Chevy, black and white and added some touches that talk about the 55. The upholstery job was done perfectly. Paul added things like the 383 emblems to the side panels and a 383 Chevy logo to the center of the back panel. This trunk looks really trick and is sure to get lots of looks at the car shows.
Pauls 55 3

Pauls 55 4

Pauls 55 5

Pauls 55 6

Jim’s 1968 SS Camaro Is Looking Real Good

Jim from West Virginia has one really good looking 1968 SS Camaro. He did an outstanding job of finishing his trunk with our Trim Parts #52088-317-6 carpet and 317-6 Camaro trunk panels. Check it out, with a wife as a seamstress how could Jim miss with this good looking Camaro trunk. The Chevrolet logo fits right in perfectly on the back panel. Jim did a great job with this trunk and he will and his wife, get lot’s of compliments at this summer’s car shows with that good looking 68 SS Camaro.

JBrown Camaro 3JBrown Camaro 1JBrown Camaro 2